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1. What is SHR hair removal?

At most of Salon use light hair removal for unwanted hair
”SHR Hair removal ”is the latest update hair removal method.

SHR hair removal still produce light but it’s latest hair removal method.

However, SHR hair removal is different from the regular hair removal method
repeat weak heat and, for the SHR hair removal is expose it to the part called “a hair follicle” goes to the whole entire unwanted hair area property.

Then part providing an order to make the hair called “a bulge area ” receives heat and the hair removal method that hair becomes hard to grow.

The standard hair removal are
*irradiate it at a high temperature
*Root of hair damage in pinpoint
There is a demerit to pain at the time of hair removal.

On the other hand, as for the SHR hair removal, remove the unwanted hair without almost no pain to irradiate the wide range (the whole hair follicle) with a weak heat.